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i CAn t put up with

the friend of yours不是特制,可以是“你的所有朋友”,也可以是“某个朋友”。而that是特指。还有,说话是这个朋友不在场,要用那个。

put up with英[put ʌp wið] 美[pʊt ʌp wɪð] [释义]将就; 忍受,容忍; 容受; 忍得住; 例句: Why would you put up with that? 你为什么要忍受这些啊? 词义辨析: stand 和 bear,tolerate 也都可以表示“承受困难...

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . 不对 your改为yours


A put up with 意为“忍受,容忍”;get rid of 意为“摆脱,消除,去掉”;have effect on 意为“对……有影响”;keep away from意为“远离,不接近”。

1.make (it) up (with sb) 与某人和解或和好 例句:Has he made it up with her yet?他和她和好了吗? 2.get along with (sb)与某人合得来,与某人和睦相处 例句:Do you get along with your boss?你跟老板合得来吗? get along with (sth) a....

she doesn’t like to put on shower lotion when...I don’t quite agree with this saying. The ...How can I ever make up when it is time to ...

i can put up my hands

A 动词词组考查题。A keep up with “赶上” B put up with “忍受” C make sure “确保” D hold on “坚持妆“你说慢些可以么?我跟不上。”

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