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你自己做PPT吧,wiki一个国家,然后按照,introduction,people,climate,capital,other main cities,interested places的顺序,每个topic做一张PPT,从wiki里面选2,3句话,然后贴张照片,就看着很好了.这就10页了.想要高分就找个欧洲小国家,比利时,芬兰之类的.

介绍一个国家文化的PPT英文 匿名 分享到微博 提交回答 1 问: 西方文化指的是哪些国家的文化? 答: 西方文化指的是西欧、北美的现代文化,包括西方世界中共同的标准、价值观、风俗等


Spain located at European north west Iberia peninsula. South separates the Straits of Gibraltar and Africa's Morocco faces one another, clutches Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea route's pharynx and larynx. Area 5 0 4 7 5 0 square kilometers.

2 5 介绍一个国家文化的PPT英文 回答 2 1 问: 英语我想找一些关于天津历史、景点的英语版的介绍,可以是网站,或者文件都行.希望能得到帮助.谢谢! 答: 详情>> 2 请帮我用英语写篇文章.内容是

如果是我在讲台下听,我想知道信中所描述的那个时期的背景,就是45年台湾的时局;主角在台北遭遇了虾米才如此行为反叛;片中“代表主席”立志于留住恒春人才建设恒春之情;影片中有没有拯救精神片中中孝介所说的“你不期待彩虹吗”,以及女主角给男主角带来了希望.地址是海角七号的这封信,对男主角有什么影响,在整部影片中起到了什么作用. 都是我乱猜的,因为看了电影,可是给看糊涂了,没看出电影主要想表达什么,所以如果有这样的介绍,我最关心这些问题.人只能活一回,梦想却有无数个,唯有放手一搏,才能知道机会属不属于自己……我想这句话是整个影片想告诉我们的道理.

For some students, English is very difficult to learn. It's true that English is different from other subjects. Because we learn other subjects in Chinese. We know Chinese

My favourite country is Italy,it's the birthland of the ancient Roma Empire,the wrestling ring,the the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Milan City,the fashion capital of the world.Italy is a country of super car manufancture,the Pagani,the Farrari,the LamburghniItaly has a classic mediterranean climate.I love it.

Located at the east end of the Great Hall, closest to Great Britain, is the English coat of arms from the Tudor era. This was the coat of arms used by Elizabeth I during her

The United States of spirit (on) is a fifty States and one federal crown composed of 是一个由五十个州和一个联邦直辖特区组成的宪政联邦共和制国家.其东濒大西洋,西

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