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如果是2113电话号码,5261那就读seven, six, eight, five ,four, zero如果是一个4102数字,那就1653读seven hundred and sixty-eight thousand, five hundred and forty书面写的话回可以直接答写成768540

seven hundred and sixty-eight thousand, five hundred and forty.

one million 三个零是thousand,六个零是million,九个零是billion

2346780 two million three hundred and forty-six thousand seven hundred and eighty 82364580 eighty-two million three hundred and sixty-four thousand five hundred and eighty

973 nine hundred and seventy-three3980 three thousand,nine hundred and eighty98721 ninety-eight thousand,seven hundred and twenty-one768540 seven hundred and sixty-eight thousand,five hundred and fort

Kejie Wang 再看看别人怎么说的.

The beginning of the year known as the Chinese Lunar New Year Spring Festival. The Chinese people the most ceremonious traditional festival, but also a symbol of unity, prosperity, new hope for the future sustenance of the festival. Chinese New

one ,two three ,four ,five,six ,seven,eight,nine

indigo ['indigu] n. 靛青,紫蓝色 a. 紫蓝色的 红. red 橙. orange 黄. yellow 绿. green 蓝. blue 靛. indigo 紫 purple


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