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My dream I have a dream, is to be a teacher, I hold the view that a teacher is a very glorious thing, I like to teach people to learn to write, I can educate my students to do a useful, and I was their good friend, I can feel so accomplished, I shall also very


It is a sunny morning.这是一个晴朗的早晨.Robin is going to sit on the grass when he 所有人都很开心!我也是六年级哦~祝你学习天天向上哦~我是班里的英语学霸,保证

这个??People from All Walks of Life When people grow up, they will take up different occupations in various work places. A society is thus made up of people from all walks of life. What kind of person do you want to be in the future? The following

1 (我写了很长的信,你有一些信封吗,gogo? ) I wrote a long letter .do you have an envelope ,GOgo?(对不起,汤尼.我没有信封也没有邮票.) sorry Tony.Idon't have any envelopes and Idon't have any stamps .(你打算寄给谁?) Who are

There are twelve months in a year. January is the first month. The first day, January 1st,is called NEWYEAR is day. Look! The children are skating.一年中有十二个月,一月是一年中第一个月.第一天是一月一日被称为元旦,看,孩子们正在滑冰

hi lucy, 你好,露西! i was glad to get your e-mail. 我很高兴收到你的邮件. let me tell you some-thing about my family. 让我告诉你一些关于我家庭的事情吧. my family lives in kunming.my father is a doctor and my mother…… 我的家在昆明,我

亲爱的山姆和艾米大明是我的朋友,我想你们也能成为我的朋友. 我住在纽约,但我不是美国人.我从英国的伦敦来.所以我们都是说英语的人. 你们喜欢中国吗?我想着有一天能去中国. 大明有个中国风筝,我们在公园里放风筝. 我有一些筷子, 但他们很难用.你们有关于美国的书吗? 我可能给你们寄一本.请给我写信吧,我们会成为笔友的.大明说他很快会给你们写信.劳拉


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